Why need social media?

People have been conditioned to believe they will need to follow an author on Instagram or on Facebook during the talk. Here’s an interesting take from an author here:

Why do you need (my) Instagram? – by Jatan Mehta

I was a panelist at an event in my city yesterday on space writing & journalism. It was nice, with lots of enthusiastic folks in the audience who had some good questions. However, literally everyone who engaged with me was trying to search my profile on Instagram. When they found out I don’t exist on the platform, they were startled.

This was the case even after the session, where my blog was explicitly introduced and talked about! It’s the latest example of people just not understanding that they can simply follow my space blog directly, without a controlling actor in between. Not only was trying to follow me on Instagram their first instinct, exactly zero of them followed my space blog.

Blogs have more space to express; it’s better without constraints, and you own the medium. Happy blogging to those still on the fence!

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