Good science, Bad Science: Why don’t we get a “cure” for cancer?

This post was “inspired” by an editorial from Scientific American (and I am riding its coattails) because I needed someone to call out the broken process. The essay does make some generalisations, however. Yet, it is still relevant because we, as scientists (and clinicians) owe it to our patients who look up to us. We […]

National Cancer Database: The Past, Present, and Future of the Cancer Registry and Its Efforts to Improve the Quality of Cancer Care

(The highlights appear in standard text as bulleted lists while my comments appear as block quotes). Page 1 In those early days, hospital registrars would source paper charts to abstract tumor cases into hospital registries. During the annual Call for Data, years of completed cases were submitted to the NCDB via mailing floppy disks. This […]

#AI #ML in healthcare: Will the twain ever meet?

Incorporating the Artificial Intelligence in healthcare has several issues. I stumbled on an excellent post in HBR that lists the key deficiency of AI- it is a black box. For all its deficiencies, AI and machine learning will never explain a process of “inclusion and exclusion” or why it came to a decision the way […]