Choosing the right academic software (Mac/iPadOS/iOS)

I am not doing a full-fledged review here, but there are some learnings I’d like to share here from my experience. iPadOS/iOS is not a writing medium. I am still wrapping my head around it. Developers are expending insane energies in propping up a medium that doesn’t work. Devices with keyboards work. Effectively and efficiently. […]

#Active #reading: how to become a #better #reader

I have paraphrased the most important giveaway! The SQ3R method covers most of these active reading strategies. It stands for survey, question, read, retrieve, and review, and was introduced in 1946 by Francis Robinson, an American education philosopher in his book Effective Study. Survey. Resist the temptation of reading the book straight away. Instead, quickly […]

The #science of #note-taking: how to take #notes to increase your #creativity

A must-read! I am having a great time to define some productive short-cuts! I’ll be sharing them but what you are seeing is a culmination of past experience and the need to make more productive use of the tools. Enjoy! By the way, this author has a great weekly newsletter. Please do subscribe (links are […]

What we can learn from people with beautiful minds | Financial Times

I stumbled on this fascinating read. It got me thinking- as usual. This quote below is important. I am an Oncologist but there’s so much to learn! I have been finally able to get the workflow I craved for but it has been the most intense three weeks! There are more ideas going forward. Stay […]