Blog Redesign

I am thrilled to share the new redesign. I will be making a few more changes to accommodate a range of other planned formats. You will notice a redesigned subscription button (to get the blog updates via email) and of course, the RSS feeds at the bottom. I will follow this up with a detailed … Continue reading Blog Redesign

Ben Thompson on Business and Tech- Stratecherry

I had been a member of Stratecherry. It is okay if it fills up your confirmation biases, but the newsletter revolved around specific topics alone. I personally prefer variety. It helps to connect the dots between the disparate ideas. I had sent an email to him about how he manages the writing workflow. He's a … Continue reading Ben Thompson on Business and Tech- Stratecherry

Quick Notes 6

My first post on Big Data! The header has link to the Dropbox folder. The prepend highlight will dictate all the important takeaways. The references are listed at end of the document. My opinion is listed in the block quote. I will be refining this workflow in the future. I needed this as a proof … Continue reading Quick Notes 6

Medical Education in India

I got a chance to write for ET Prime on the need for more hospitals in India. While we are grappling with the low doctor-population ratio, opening up the new hospitals isn’t going to help solve the problem unless there is a structural reform in the education system. The link appears here: (Apologies- it … Continue reading Medical Education in India

Achieving the digital detox.

Over the past few months, during my interaction with various people on Twitter and offline, I have been hearing about the information deluge that makes it impossible for them to acquire new skills. We indeed have limited 24 hours! I wouldn’t be able to give a blow by blow account of how I manage things, … Continue reading Achieving the digital detox.