On hiring

John Carmack on Twitter: People like the idea of hard and fast rules, but putting +/-infinity as a factor in a policy decision is almost never the best plan. Hiring is an obvious example, with “requirements” that filter out large chunks of applicants that don’t have some kind of back channel \ influence. Disqualifications are […]

Innovation: How to “generate” new ideas?

This is courtesy a tweet from my “Twitter-mentor” Prof Soren bentzen: The linked write up from Nature is here. Prof Paul Nurse writes: I have a different view: description and data collection are necessary but insufficient. Ideas, even tentative ones, are also needed, along with the recognition that ideas will change as facts and arguments […]

Can we have predictors of radiation response?

Ever since I started my career as a rad-onc trainee, I have always been tantalised by the idea of personalised radiation therapy (and cancer therapeutics). I could write tomes of material on how to achieve it. I think it actually represents the holy grail of radiation therapy. However, there is no marketing hype behind the […]