On hiring

Are you lucky to get these kind of emails to apply for a research position you recently advertised? John Carmack on Twitter: People like the idea of hard and fast rules, but putting +/-infinity as a factor in a policy decision is almost never the best plan. Hiring is an obvious example, with "requirements" that … Continue reading On hiring

Innovation: How to “generate” new ideas?

This is courtesy a tweet from my "Twitter-mentor" Prof Soren bentzen: https://twitter.com/SorenBentzen/status/1438124935512084482 The linked write up from Nature is here. Prof Paul Nurse writes: I have a different view: description and data collection are necessary but insufficient. Ideas, even tentative ones, are also needed, along with the recognition that ideas will change as facts and … Continue reading Innovation: How to “generate” new ideas?

Social media for oncologists: Is it worth it?

I have been grappling with this idea repeatedly, and it isn't the last word on the subject. I might be revisiting it in the future. Twitter makes for some interesting conversations at times, but one must keep in mind that those are merely snapshots of thoughts. It can never replace the medium of a blog, … Continue reading Social media for oncologists: Is it worth it?

Can we have predictors of radiation response?

Ever since I started my career as a rad-onc trainee, I have always been tantalised by the idea of personalised radiation therapy (and cancer therapeutics). I could write tomes of material on how to achieve it. I think it actually represents the holy grail of radiation therapy. However, there is no marketing hype behind the … Continue reading Can we have predictors of radiation response?