Can we have predictors of radiation response?

Ever since I started my career as a rad-onc trainee, I have always been tantalised by the idea of personalised radiation therapy (and cancer therapeutics). I could write tomes of material on how to achieve it. I think it actually represents the holy grail of radiation therapy. However, there is no marketing hype behind the […]

Choosing the right academic software (Mac/iPadOS/iOS)

I am not doing a full-fledged review here, but there are some learnings I’d like to share here from my experience. iPadOS/iOS is not a writing medium. I am still wrapping my head around it. Developers are expending insane energies in propping up a medium that doesn’t work. Devices with keyboards work. Effectively and efficiently. […]

#Study: How smooth-talking professors can lull students into thinking they’ve learned more than they have

I am focused on learning, I am not entirely convinced what constitutes the “right way” to assess learning. I think it could related to a recall of key concepts. Keeping the class interactively engaged is another idea. The study, involving Harvard University undergraduates in large, introductory physics classes, compared students’ self reports about what they’d […]