Asking questions:What I’ve learned over 10 years on Stack Overflow

I have extensive experience with the online communities (and I have addressed that issue before). The process of visibility (and then discovery) is difficult when you have millions of websites jostling for attention. Users often penalize their attention spans towards gratification (and not necessarily for “learning”) despite the best intentions. It seems so easy at […]

Back from the Blender Conference 2019 – Fading Memories

Very instructive write up on the “free software”. If the mac developers saw the light, they would immediately shift towards Linux. By keeping closed libraries, for instance, they are only delaying their own demise. They are compounding stupidity by sticking to a “Sherlockian model”. It won’t stop Apple from subsuming your application (if it grows […]

Good science, Bad Science: Why don’t we get a “cure” for cancer?

This post was “inspired” by an editorial from Scientific American (and I am riding its coattails) because I needed someone to call out the broken process. The essay does make some generalisations, however. Yet, it is still relevant because we, as scientists (and clinicians) owe it to our patients who look up to us. We […]