Digital transformation: Healthcare enterprises

Benjamin Mueller and Jens Lauterback writing in HBR: Complexity-in-use explains why learning and using a digital tool is easy and straightforward for users in one context and difficult and cumbersome in another. These examples illustrate the dimensions underpinning complexity-in-use. First, system dependency increases when more business concepts are represented in the system. Second, semantic dependency […]

Growing hunger pangs for IT Talent

Shelley Singh and Jochelle Mendonca writing for ET Prime (paywalled): “The first couple of quarters of last fiscal were quiet as companies tried to adjust to a post-pandemic, work-from-home world. From Q3, demand for digital skills started picking up, and by Q4 went out of control. The industry could not meet this sudden spike, leading […]

Research Priorities for the “developing world”

It took some discussions, but I finally rolled out another long-form “policy” paper. Of course, it was “lightly edited” for some content, but they kept the structure intact. I apologise it’s behind the paywall, but it is a moral obligation to avoid posting the Word file. You can read more here:

China’s growing clout on “privacy”

David Uberti writing for WSJ Pro (paywalled): The Personal Information Protection Law, or PIPL, unveiled Friday imposes rules on how companies can use Chinese citizens’ data and the conditions firms must meet to share information with computer servers or business partners outside the country. That could have a significant impact on international data flows as more countries erect […]

More on Apple’s Transgressions

Edward Snowden writes: The task Apple intends its new surveillance system to perform—preventing their cloud systems from being used to store digital contraband, in this case unlawful images uploaded by their customers—is traditionally performed by searching their systems. While it’s still problematic for anybody to search through a billion people’s private files, the fact that they can […]