Web Scraping: How we learnt to stop worrying and love web scraping

There has been a lot of bad blood between the website owners and those who just scrape. I remember the time when there were automated tools for the Firefox browser to just scrape and compare the webpage for any subsequent changes. Those were good times, and it predates the RSS feeds. However, as the CSS […]

Is regulation killing the medical software innovation?

Once in a while, I stumble on interesting blog posts (either on Twitter) or through recommendations from a community powered website. It merits a deep consideration and often requires a thorough analysis in the ideas. I have been writing on the open source and forks and the stupid copyright licenses that accompany them. You just […]

How Reading Papers Helps You Be a More Effective Data Scientist

This approach is highly recommended. I prefer a different way- I usually focus on systematic reviews and discussions to substantiate the key giveaways. I summarise most of the articles I come across and skim through the title ideas. Oh well, I use AI to speed up and automate my workflows. How to read papers? A […]

Software Forks

Complex software prevents it’s “forking”. There are times when the end users may not be happy about a project’s direction and may need to “fork” it. There are various onerous licensing systems too which require deft navigation. Why are they important for AI/Healthcare or any of the myriad issues I have been covering here? It […]

Getting the micropayments for the journal articles: Won’t Subscribe

Tim Bray had an interesting proposition, and for the context has this subscription cost just for the newspapers. Does this look usurious? Yes, it is! How much value do you think we can derive from these subscriptions? The next step in their thinking involves an estimate of how much they could get for an individual […]