Consumer based “supercomputers”

Richard Waters writes: Google’s specially designed chips, called TPUs, process the signals inside the most advanced deep learning systems. The goal is not precision of each operation but the overall picture they can assemble, as billions of electronic “neurons” in these electronic brains search for the patterns in mountains of data.But the term obscures what […]

The OSS trap

Baldur Bjarnason writes: I’m reminded of the only real tech bubble I’ve personally witnessed: the rise and fall of blogging. They’re very different phenomena, but blogging and open-source are solid examples of big corporations strategically subsidising a complement to their core business with no care being paid to collateral damage. Google Adwords changed all of […]

Ransomware attacks on healthcare: Irish systems down

Catherine Stupp reporting for Wall Street Journal: The attack appears to be the first major strike to disable a country’s centralized public health system during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, hackers have attacked individual hospitals and research centers around the world, including a Czech hospital treating coronavirus patients. Cyberattacks cost hospitals in the U.S. millions of dollars in 2020. Staff at […]

How not to fund innovation

Andrew Orlowski writes: Twenty years ago, Andrew Fentem pioneered a tactile, low cost “multitouch” user interface for small computers that revolutionised how they could be used. The British state’s leading innovation body vowed to support him. In 2003 Fentem applied to Nesta for help. Today, the agency styles itself as the “Innovation Foundation”, but it had begun […]