US CHIPS Act: Some forward movement

Policy decisions can be acrimonious because those with funds face "difficult choices" in the face of intense lobbying. The big question is: Do corporations need public funds support, especially as they grow and declare billions of dollars in the dividends for their shareholders? The answer lies in decreasing R&D spends and gradual shift towards maximising … Continue reading US CHIPS Act: Some forward movement

Concentration and Focus: How to regain it?

This is an important blog post: I link to these self improvement articles because they are effective tips. The simplest way to regain focus is to shift towards writing (and creating) instead of consuming content. "News" adds nothing substantial to your workflows or ideas. Slack is the worst offender (more than emails) and end users … Continue reading Concentration and Focus: How to regain it?

Extending time for servers

This is interesting bit of information: Microsoft extends life of cloud servers to six years • The Register "Investments in our software that increased efficiencies in how we operate our server and network equipment as well as advances in technology have resulted in lives extending beyond historical accounting useful lives," she added. Those investments will … Continue reading Extending time for servers

Leadership: The visibly invisible

This link came out of nowhere! I had the exact same thoughts while coursing through my workplace. We end up ignoring the people who make it possible for us to work effectively. Housekeeping staff, janitors, security guards or even subordinates. Each one can add some value to our lives. Bystanders in your life - by … Continue reading Leadership: The visibly invisible

New deals in datacentres

I usually don't comment on the acquisitions or investments happening in this niche space, but this one was difficult to ignore. Dallas-Based DataBank Sells 35% Stake for $1.5 Billion » Dallas Innovates DataBank says it has “more data centers in more metros than any other provider in the U.S.—public or private” and the ability to put … Continue reading New deals in datacentres