How to inculcate the “wellness culture”

HBR recently published an intriguing write up. I am including the details here. Valencia, Carolina. 2021. “How to Get Employees to (Actually) Participate in Well-Being Programs.” Harvard Business Review, October 5, 2021. New research from Gartner reveals that 87% of employees have access to mental and emotional well-being offerings, only 23% of employees use […]

Breakthrough Innovations: How to find them

This is a brilliant paper (albeit on the policy side). I am including the PDF and the summary below. I hope you find it useful. The PDF appears here Capponi, Giovanna, Arianna Martinelli, and Alessandro Nuvolari. 2022. “Breakthrough Innovations and Where to Find Them.” Research Policy 51 (1): 104376. The summary is below: TLDR: […]

Scientific progress: Breaking the ecosystem conundrum

Ecosystem – Wikipedia An ecosystem (or ecological system) consists of all the organisms and the physical environment with which they interact. These biotic and abiotic components are linked together through nutrient cycles and energy flows. Energy enters the system through photosynthesis and is incorporated into plant tissue. By feeding on plants and on one another, […]

CBTRUS Statistical Report on Brain tumours

The paper was recently published in Neuro-Oncology. I have included the salient updates here. Access it here Ostrom, Quinn T., Gino Cioffi, Kristin Waite, Carol Kruchko, and Jill S. Barnholtz-Sloan. n.d. “CBTRUS Statistical Report: Primary Brain and Other Central Nervous System Tumors Diagnosed in the United States in 2014–2018.” The objective of the CBTRUS […]

Use of AI in imaging analysis of breast cancer screening- Systematic Review

Another brilliant write up in BMJ. This one too is worth your time. Freeman, Karoline, Julia Geppert, Chris Stinton, Daniel Todkill, Samantha Johnson, Aileen Clarke, and Sian Taylor-Phillips. 2021. “Use of Artificial Intelligence for Image Analysis in Breast Cancer Screening Programmes: Systematic Review of Test Accuracy.” BMJ 374 (September): n1872.