Why you should be worried about WhatsApp policy?

Attesh writes: Integrated platforms will offer more surveillance over the user’s purchase journey, allowing Facebook greater opportunities to intervene and convert abandoned carts into sales. However, users may not benefit from this unwarranted attention. Beyond the danger of an advertising monopoly lies the threat arising from stockpiled aggregate user data. Since the new terms do […]

Lies about reducing complexity in cloud computing

R&AEnterprise blog: So, it isn’t a surprise that in IT, a constant drive over the last decennia has been the drive to reduce complexity. ‘Reducing complexity’ sells. Especially managers in IT are sensitive to it as complexity generally is their biggest headache. Hence, in IT, people are in a perennial fight to make the complexity bearable. One […]

What is the difference between Encryption/Confidentiality/Obfuscation?

Auth0 Blog post: The discipline of cryptography, necessary for a variety of security applications, is no stranger to the arms race found in all other security disciplines. While modern cryptography aims to create mechanisms that protect information through the application of mathematical principles and computer science, cryptanalysis, by contrast, aims to defeat such mechanisms in order to obtain […]

Enemies of knowledge?

Chorasimilarity writes: I am not a lawyer, but on moral grounds they tricked us into believing we are using a common place of discussion. They got rich and they turned into a reality making machine.Or now they just tried to erase the biggest collection of free scientific works. They side with Elsevier and others lawsuit in […]