Decentralising Internet

Paris Marx writing for Reconnected: Hermosillo was not the only voice pushing back against the libertarian framing of cyberspace. In 1996, technology historian Jennifer S. Light compared the talk of “cyberoptimists” about virtual communities to city planners’ earlier optimistic predictions about shopping malls. As the automobile colonized U.S. cities in the 1950s, planners promised that malls would […]

Substack Hype/ Blogging is “dead” and everything in between

Dan Kennedy writes: With celebrity journalists such as Matt Taibbi, Glenn Greenwald, Andrew Sullivan and Matthew Iglesias giving up their institutional gigs and going it alone, Substack has emerged as the hot new media thing of 2021, even though it’s not new and it’s unlikely to pay off for more than a few writers who […]

Beware of the “platforms”

Jonathan Knee writes for FT: Increasingly, the term “platform” has come to be used as little more than a kind of trigger word to separate investors from their money. Characterising otherwise more pedestrian businesses as “platforms” has become the go-to move to goose valuation multiples or just attract interest. For instance, the healthy salad fast-food […]

Matthew Hodgson for Matrix Blog: With the TI-Messenger, gematik is creating a nationwide decentralised private communication network – based on Matrix – to support potentially more than 150,000 healthcare organisations within Germany’s national healthcare system. It will provide end-to-end encrypted VoIP/Video and messaging for the whole healthcare system, as well as the ability to share healthcare based […]

What crisis teaches us for innovation

FT Editorial Board: During the second world war, the US and the UK had no qualms about overriding normal competition principles. Desperate to improve their air defences, the UK compelled jet pioneer Frank Whittle to work with Rover and Rolls-Royce and then handed their engine designs on to the Americans for production in large volumes. After all, […]