Healthcare Innovation: Tackling it head-on

Healthcare is on the brink of revolution, owing to the rapid industrialisation of medicine. We are not talking about ‘global challenges’, but far from meeting them. Healthcare is very splintered across the geography that it would be impractical to implement “technological advances” without giving due cognisance to socio-cultural issues. I find it surprising, because investors’ […]

Does Radiation Oncology follow the “O-Ring” model?

The O-Ring model is an interesting conceptual idea: (from the paper attached herein) Many production processes consist of a series of tasks, mistakes in any of which can dramatically reduce the product’s value. The space shuttle Challenger had thousands of components: it exploded because it was launched at a temperature that caused one of those […]

Machine learning: The Architecture of a Large-Scale Web Search Engine

In the earliest days, Yahoo was a simple database engine-it hosted several links in the form of directories. It was one of the largest “human curated” directories that gained popularity with those on the web. Search became an urgent unmet need till Google came into picture. Yahoo went into irrelevance and now it has become […]