Bring back the blogs!

The blogs were all about “serendipity”. I have been blogging for years now, and I have no been able to formalise and crystallise my thoughts. As I have mentioned here many times, reading and writing change you fundamentally. It is the “low order” of writing that sparks various interconnections and ideas, and it is exhilarating. […]

Presenting to Management? Be Prepared for the Tough Questions.

This is a good read on how to answer to the “management”. The key takeaways can be applied for answering questions during viva, for example. We’ve often spent hours rehearsing before presenting to upper management, only to freeze when confronted with a tough question from our bosses. All our preparation and carefully curated slides go […]

On writing consistently

In my previous (and failed iteration), I realised that it was difficult to focus on a narrow and a “niche” area of neurooncology. I was discussing this with a colleague that I wanted to use Twitter to go beyond article metrics and collaborate collectively on finding out the most useful articles (for example). The current […]

Sci-Hub: The Unstoppable Rise of Sci-Hub: How does a new generation of researchers perceive Sci-Hub?

The author raises several issues and each one of them like a quixotic punchbag on a “scholarly” blog. Democracy exists. He’s allowed to peddle his opinion but here’s the summary of the “pirate website with illegal papers”! He forgets- it is about convenience for those who have access and a necessity for those who don’t. […]