WebRTC: Importance

Eric Rescoria writes: WebRTC isn’t a complete videoconferencing system; it’s a set of tools built in to the browser that take care of many of the hard pieces of building a VC (videoconferencing) system so that you don’t have to….Importantly, this functionality is all standardized: the API itself was published and by the World Wide Web […]

The flywheel effect

Blogging should follow the “flywheel effect”. I have reiterated several times- blogging helps in writing. The free flow of ideas makes it easier to understand and spot patterns. Here’s an example of the flywheel effect These assume importance for those in content marketing and “trying” to funnel in customers, but I have mentioned it here […]

Any Covid-19 vaccine must be treated as a global public good

There are many interesting dimensions to the story. I am just an oncologist and have no passing idea about vaccine manufacture, global supply chains or even the question of access. However, this led me to think about incremental innovation in radiation treatment delivery. We came a long way from Cobalts to the Linear accelerators and […]

Health systems worldwide receive wake-up call

Financial Times has an ongoing series that states (or overstates) the benefit of AI. All through the blog and in my past and present coverage (and writeups), I have only emphasised on one thing- there has to be an objective measurement and an endpoint. If the technology (or the group of technologies) fail to provide […]