Why this blog?

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Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi on Pexels.com

I started this blog in 2019 and it has gone through several iterations: redesign, distillation of ideas and framework. Rewriting this section had become inevitable.

In the previous version, there was talk of a commitment to longforms. However, when I turned to diversifying my reading sources, it became apparent that there appears to be a lot of rapid technological changes that deserve an overall view. A lot of things that have changed – writing on an open medium gives me a deeper insight into policy, polity and ethics.

Technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, represents an edge case scenario which is slowly creeping up the general consciousness and represents a far greater challenge to our society than expected. It doesn’t represent the “big-bang” but a protracted creeping change of corporatization that would change the practise of medicine. If not today then tomorrow.

I use several ways to maximise the reading time spent to gain insights. A lot of linked articles (and a quick summary or an opinion) represents an incremental evolution of thought process. It has been an intensely rewarding experience to write and enhance my combinatorial creativity.

Occasionally, I link to article summaries- however, I realise that they have “copyright” issues. I remain a vigorous supporter of abolishing academic gatekeeping and open access to scientific literature, but they also have specific objectives. I also (usually) abhor the social media that represents “woke liberalism” or generating content for free for advertising companies (Twitter/ Facebook) or interacting on a medium that lays out your social graph to condition your outlook A blog gives me a certain amount of creative freedom to explore “controversial topics” and focus on those that deserve wider attention.

Writing is therapeutic. As a radiation oncologist, I have considerable leeway to understand the links between cancer biology and machine learning and translate it into applied therapeutics.

My goal is to build a modular health system with an overlay of artificial intelligence and to promote insights into the much-vaunted “personalised medicine.” For a person with modest means, it remains an oversized goal, but the pursuit of the stars has helped me reach the roof.

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