RSS Feeds: Federation of the data

Will Webberley writes: At that time RSS was still very much “a thing” for many people (though the discontinuation of the hugely popular Google Reader in 2013 was a bit of a bummer to these communities). However new people now joining the web scene would be far more likely to instead engage with these extremely well-funded, well-marketed, […]

Be careful of the cloud providers!

I was drawn into a fascinating discussion around “price shocks” by the cloud service providers (like Google/Amazon) who have a stranglehold over the market for enterprise cloud computing. One of the back links went as far as 2011 to The Register: On Wednesday, as it announced that App Engine will officially lose its “preview” tag in […]

Research, Science, Venture Capital

They are different streams of ideas. I was reading about the layoffs announced by various startups. To my limited understanding, these are punts made by multiple wealthy individuals which, if they work, provide a strategic “exit” to the founders making everyone rich. As such, there is a lot of money in “valuations”. These valuations depend […]

The Definitive Guide to Pricing Plans: Or why people make decisions the way they do.

It is one of the most fascinating reads in recent times. I was aware of dark matter in the user interfaces and constant notifications- based on exploitation of primaeval emotions like FaceBook does. I was trying to explore the correlation of social networks and how (and why) people take the decision to join one (or […]

Analysis paralysis

I stumbled on this wonderful link from an article somewhere and it completely encapsulates the feeling (I believe) that most of the people have: analysis paralysis. Here’s the gist: Analysis paralysis is when the fear of either making an error, or foregoing a superior solution, outweighs the realistic expectation or potential value of success in […]