How to find your creative process?

I found this instructive blog post (as a book snippet). Finding inspiration in creativity (and then writing) involves a process. This is a continuation of my efforts to get more people interested in writing their blog (and I'd be delighted to offer insights) to speed up your efficiency gains. Once in a while, I look … Continue reading How to find your creative process?

Why to publish your blog?

Aaron Francis on Github: How can we increase the odds of finding luck? By being a person who works in public. By doing work and being public about it, you build a reputation for yourself. You build a track record. You build a public body of work that speaks on your behalf better than any … Continue reading Why to publish your blog?

A perspective on autonomous surgeries

Today’s Robotic Surgery Turns Surgical Trainees Into Spectators - IEEE Spectrum I began researching the impact of surgical robots on surgical technique and education in 2013. My studies have found that hospitals that adopted the technology have most often turned trainees into optional assistants in the OR, meaning that they begin practicing as “real” surgeons … Continue reading A perspective on autonomous surgeries

Cloud computing: Is failure built in?

I track fintech because it concerns our finances and the amount of funding it attracts to create new financial products. It is also one of the most regulated industries. As such, healthcare requires imbibing the little risk taking to spur innovation, rather than resist technology onslaught at the edges (under the garb of "wellness"). What … Continue reading Cloud computing: Is failure built in?

Middleware Standard from India

I am delighted to share this exciting development Abhay Karandikar on LinkedIn: 1930.1-2022 | The wireless networks in the 5G and beyond era are evolving into a heterogeneous network with coexistence of one or more access technologies, e.g., 5G, 4G, Wi-Fi and technologies that may emerge in future. While the 5G system has defined a … Continue reading Middleware Standard from India