Historical perspective on how UK lags in broadband adoption

I stumbled on this interesting read on how government policy impacts broadband adoption (and services around it). There is a direct correlation between broadband speeds and services, including the impact on GDP. A lot has to do with the availability of services. The official definition of broadband in the UK is 24MbPs. Something similar was … Continue reading Historical perspective on how UK lags in broadband adoption

Supply Chain attacks in the software dependencies

I have mentioned about the hardware supply chain compromises; the software component is lesser known though. The linked write up sheds light on this: Let's talk about supply chain attacks and backdoored dependencies What makes supply chain attacks particularly attractive is that they are cheap and easy to execute as they (most of the time) … Continue reading Supply Chain attacks in the software dependencies

The return of “dumb phones”

This is an interesting trend and lost within the din of "smartphone shipments". There is a gradual return to the "dumb phones". What are those? Not smart but clever? The return of 'dumbphones' - BBC News These are basic handsets, or feature phones, with very limited functionality compared to say an iPhone. You can typically … Continue reading The return of “dumb phones”

The VC funding model

This is an interesting observation. In line with the ideas around innovation. While this is an example of SQL-based companies versus the Graph-Model, there are key takeaways here. It highlights the impact of the narratives of conviction spun out while making a pitch. VCs Fund Ideas, Not Execution - Manish R Jain Series B startups … Continue reading The VC funding model

Limits to subscription

Netflix to Launch Advertising-Supported Cheaper Plans – The Hollywood Reporter Netflix co-CEO Reed Hastings revealed the move on the company’s quarterly earnings call Tuesday, adding that the company will be examining what those plans will look like “over the next year or two.” Netflix COO Greg Peters said that advertising “is an exciting opportunity for … Continue reading Limits to subscription