The flywheel effect

Blogging should follow the “flywheel effect”. I have reiterated several times- blogging helps in writing. The free flow of ideas makes it easier to understand and spot patterns. Here’s an example of the flywheel effect These assume importance for those in content marketing and “trying” to funnel in customers, but I have mentioned it here […]

LinkedIn: Why have it in the first place?

LinkedIn is a glorified resume centre. Long time back, in my earlier avatar on Twitter, I couldn’t differentiate between users pushing out affiliate links and trying to create “conversations” around content. I had stayed away from it because of privacy concerns and I am glad I stayed away from the Microsoft acquisition too. I’d highlight […]

Is peer review “dead”?

It is odd that the “institution” of peer review should come up time and again, but sample this- it is unpaid labour, few people “profit” from this and holds no water unless you wish to crow in front of a committee that you have volunteered your “precious time”. The monetary benefits don’t flow down. Why […]

Bring back the blogs!

The blogs were all about “serendipity”. I have been blogging for years now, and I have no been able to formalise and crystallise my thoughts. As I have mentioned here many times, reading and writing change you fundamentally. It is the “low order” of writing that sparks various interconnections and ideas, and it is exhilarating. […]

Marketing charts

Consider this chart in isolation. Think, ponder and reflect. How much do you think that this data is reliable? Has anyone done a survey, people answered in that survey, someone turned that into relatable answers? Does this chart convey our attitudes towards data transparency? More importantly, will this lead to a shift in the behavioural […]