Fixing the NHS?

This was an interesting post published in Financial Times: How to fix Britain’s chronically ill healthcare system | Financial Times While the pandemic has undoubtedly created a shock in the UK’s publicly funded health system, the NHS’s underlying issues are chronic. Waiting lists for elective treatment have been lengthening for 10 years, and the target … Continue reading Fixing the NHS?

The antitrust battles

These legal processes are far beyond my comprehension, though I understand that monopoly is bad in any business. It is the process of "intermediation" - the way these corporations can amass "technology" to entrench themselves. It is refreshing to see a pushback from the regulators, but I doubt anything will happen overnight. My biggest concern … Continue reading The antitrust battles

Will private networks push through 5G adoption?

This is a point worth pondering: BT and Ericsson to offer private 5G networks to companies in the UK | Financial Times So-called private networks are sold on the promise that they provide companies with more secure and higher quality connections, which offer fewer delays and glitches than conventional WiFi networks.European telecoms companies have spent … Continue reading Will private networks push through 5G adoption?

Where are the geniuses?

The geniuses existed because there were no Universities to strangle them in the first place? No grants. No "institutions". No bureaucracy. If you look at the Westen model, it was the "lone tinkerer" and some history polishing. If you look at the US model, especially after 1935 (and the recession), it was mostly stolen technology, … Continue reading Where are the geniuses?

What’s happening with Springer-Nature?

A little bit of China gazing: A Major Science Journal Publisher Adds A Weird Notice To Every Paper. What’s Behind This? So what happened? Springer Nature, it seems, added this note because of pressure from the Chinese government. The Chinese government doesn’t want any maps to show Taiwan, and it doesn’t want any affiliations to … Continue reading What’s happening with Springer-Nature?