Glucose monitoring on Apple watch

This is definitely a plant. Here's straight from the press-release portal (not a news source), Bloomberg. Apple Watch Blood Glucose Monitor Could Revolutionize Diabetes Care (AAPL) - Bloomberg Apple is taking a different approach, using a chip technology known as silicon photonics and a measurement process called optical absorption spectroscopy. The system uses lasers to … Continue reading Glucose monitoring on Apple watch

Yet another motivation post on writing

I am happy to see a whole ecosystem of blogs growing up again. Here's an interesting compendium of ideas: What I Did Not Learn About Writing In School I was surprised to learn that they didn’t start writing with any topics in mind. They just wrote a piece on something they found interesting. Then another. … Continue reading Yet another motivation post on writing

Energy efficiency in the CPU’s

This is an interesting take here: AMD CEO: The Next Challenge Is Energy Efficiency - IEEE Spectrum Despite a slowdown of Moore’s Law, other factors have pushed mainstream computing capabilities to double about every two and a half years. For supercomputers, the doubling is happening even faster. However, Su pointed out, the energy efficiency of … Continue reading Energy efficiency in the CPU’s

Starting a blog in 2023?

This is a good overview! No, you dont have to write raw HTML! For the context: How to Start Your Blog in 2023 Running your own blog in 2023 is still needlessly complicated, especially if you have any kind of taste. Why have one in the first place? This particular blog is more like a … Continue reading Starting a blog in 2023?

When Chat becomes cheat

Interesting perspective here: CheatGPT For a long time, I've been wondering aloud how higher education is going to deal with the sophistication of ChatGPT, Copilot, and other AI tools.  Well, wonder no longer, because this is where I live now. "Dave, you're making assumptions.  Can you prove any of this?"  I can, actually, since some … Continue reading When Chat becomes cheat