Decolonising academia

These are preliminary thoughts on the subject and I shall be exploring this in detail in the future. The trigger of this idea was around two excellent posts. First: Patanjali Kambhampati: My 'lived experience' tells me that diversity, inclusion and equity is antithetical to human liberty | National Post As a recent example of common … Continue reading Decolonising academia

Leaving the cloud: A podcast

This is an interesting podcast. I have included the embedded MP3 file- you don't have to go hunting for your podcast player. In case the file doesn't play- add .mp3 after renaming it. HN Discussion on this. Leaving the Cloud | REWORK Cloud services have been used by tech companies for many years, but it’s not … Continue reading Leaving the cloud: A podcast

Is Twitter dying?

Consider this: (Now Musk owns Twitter - by the time you read this). Exclusive: Twitter is losing its most active users, internal documents show | Reuters Cryptocurrency and "not safe for work" (NSFW) content, which includes nudity and pornography, are the highest-growing topics of interest among English-speaking heavy users, the report found. Twitter declined to … Continue reading Is Twitter dying?

Twitter threads are useless!

I don't know why they got into fashion. Twitter is useless barring short blurbs. Here's a more opinionated rant against them: Stop writing Twitter threads! - Chez pieq First of all, it is really, really hard to read. The people who posted these had to hash their writings into farts twats tweets of 280 characters … Continue reading Twitter threads are useless!

Fake books

This is interesting off shoot. I'd explain why this is a problem a little later. First off, from a substack newsletter: Fake books - lcamtuf’s thing But then, as I kept flipping the pages, things started to get weird. Midway through the book, the narrative seamlessly shifted from talking about NFTs to discussing “NTF”, apparently … Continue reading Fake books