Apple Healthcare: The Next Processor Change is Within ARMs Reach

I had written about Apple’s healthos (which got a lot of traction on the net. While there are several write-ups trying to dissect the issue in inane detail, I am highlighting a pertinent issue from one of the Reddit posts. I rarely link there (as they can get taken down); however, this merits a wider […]

Artificial intelligence and its limits – An understanding of AI’s limitations is starting to sink in

Are we reaching the “AI Winter” or end of the “hype cycle”? As the write up argues (well), that much of the debate around the AI/machine learning and pattern recognition was driven by the investor “hype cycle” and their echo chambers. For context, I tried to filter out the “tweets” and I only came across […]

Is peer review “dead”?

It is odd that the “institution” of peer review should come up time and again, but sample this- it is unpaid labour, few people “profit” from this and holds no water unless you wish to crow in front of a committee that you have volunteered your “precious time”. The monetary benefits don’t flow down. Why […]

Why is Artificial Intelligence So Useless for Business?

AI as the “death knell” for the jobs is now a familiar heading. However, the author convincingly argues that it is not the case. There’s nothing equivalent of “transfer learning” in the current AI models that would enable a seamless transition for automation. It could be possible for the EMR’s but I am scratching my […]