No Place to Hide's No Place To Hide campaign flops on launch • The Register Money spent publicly lobbying Facebook not to enable E2EE and demonising the tech itself is money better spent on public awareness campaigns about ways to report crimes, outreach to children, parental education on how to talk to (and supervise) children about using social … Continue reading No Place to Hide

The future direction

Photo by Rifqi Ramadhan on It is critical to understand the complex supply chains with semiconductors, chip manufacturing and the "fab plants". These have gained immense geopolitical significance and clout with the governments and industry. Countries are prepared to go to war over the wafers. It deeply impacts the healthcare through direct and indirect … Continue reading The future direction

Is healthcare becoming a consumer product?

Is your smartphone your new doctor? Economist has a run-down of new age startups taking a stab at this. I'd like to quote here and then provide my inputs. How health care is turning into a consumer product | The Economist This includes devices to analyse everything from blood sugar to stool samples. Levels Health, … Continue reading Is healthcare becoming a consumer product?

The coming of metaverse

Yes, it's hype. Yes, millions of dollars are being poured into this. Investors gear up for ‘gold rush’ in metaverse hardware | Financial Times “Investors need to think about the metaverse as nothing less than the digitisation of human activity and the disruption of everything that hasn’t yet been disrupted,” said Simon Powell, an equity … Continue reading The coming of metaverse

What can healthcare learn from financial tech?

The cloud has become ubiquitous. For the worse UK financial regulators to step up scrutiny of cloud computing giants | Financial Times Although UK banks’ use of cloud computing is covered by the PRA’s operational resilience framework, concerns are mounting over the scale of disruption that could be unleashed if one or more of the … Continue reading What can healthcare learn from financial tech?