Initial steps for machine learning

Human Loop Blog: Most existing tools for training and deploying machine learning (MLOps) were built as if for traditional software. They focus on the code rather than the data and they target narrow slices of the ML development pipeline. There are MLOps tools for monitoring, for feature stores, for model versioning, for dataset versioning, for […]

“Biohackers” and Open Insulin

From Open Insulin blog: This is an old post, but I stumbled on this link from the Hacker News discussion. I was aware of “biohackers”, but here the diabetics are focused on finding cheaper alternatives to pharma manufactured insulin. I can’t comment on the political issues of how pharma priced their insulin, but it is […]

Integrating security

Phil Venables writes: Make sure you are fully embedded in the corporate governance of the organization to ensure security is treated as a first class business risk. This can be as simple as making sure you are integrated with the various organization risk committees, policy approval processes and so on. In doing this integration it […]