Podcasts and the power of aggregation

Kay Singh writes: Spotify has built an impressive business model in a crowded market despite being a late entrant in the music streaming business. Pandora, which once was the darling of the industry, has been continually losing users to Spotify. Pandora, which rose to prominence by helping users discover new music through its recommendation algorithm, […]

Splinternet: The looming reality

Nirmal John, Shishir Prasad and Kanika Saxen write: (article behind paywall): The Internet is dark in North Korea, and considerably less dark, but controlled with an iron fist in China. Russia has its own version of everything, from social networking to search. The countries of West Asia have sought to control the free flow of […]

Age of invention- What is innovation

Anton Howes writes: Well, most innovation policy focuses right at the end, once the number of potential inventors has already narrowed to just a trickle. You have to already have a workable invention for intellectual property to matter to you — most inventors starting out will have hardly any experience of the system at all, […]

Why Linux doesn’t register in healthcare and consumer devices?

Linux has come in a long way from the “outcast” to the mainstream app. First have a look at this video: The earlier “dependency hell” has been standardised with scores of package managers. It is relatively straightforward to add any repository and auto update the entire system. The spit and polish of the default desktops […]

Privacy labels for everything

Dena B. Mendelsohn writes: At Elektra Labs we’re developing a similar sort of “nutrition label” for healthcare technologies, with a focus on data rights and security. The ultimate goal is to guide customers in considering the data risks of technologies and how to reduce them.Last month, Apple launched a landmark privacy label as a tool for the […]