Apple Watch: Healthcare is NOT equal to wellness

This post is motivated by an interesting newsletter that came in for Apple Watch. The premise of the argument is that it could monitor the sleep apnoea (by monitoring the sleep cycles). I am not sure what the accumulated data could mean for the companies and in what way it would be quantified. There are […]

The hardware conundrum

I recently bought a brand new laptop because my existing Mac was “dying”. The battery barely lasted two hours, and I needed a reliable computing device. Besides, they had announced a shift to the new ARM processor and gradual subscription changes for the software being installed in the device. I had to make a switch […]

How to spot dodgy academic journals

This is an interesting insight into the “industry” of publishing. As long as the usurious “article processing charges” exist for free peer review, it would hinder the publications from other parts of the world and would represent a vast gulf. For those coming on to publication for the “first time”, it would make it difficult […]

Cost of digital delivery in covid-era and an open ended proposal to create delivery mechanism based on Telegram

I have seen many webinars popping up and digital only conferences being staged for this year. Understandably so. Travel restrictions remain in place throughout the world, and policymakers are wary of introducing additional waves of the human-engineered Chinese virus. Professional organisations have scrambled to move to digital only presentations without in-person meetings for classroom teaching. […]