#Reference Manager Showdown: a full review of #Papers 3, #Zotero, #F1000, and #Paperpile (+ ReadCube)

I had planned to do some kind of a "review" for reference managers. However, the author has done a better job than I could do. His workflow dictates Paperpile. I like the application, but their web service is entirely dependent on Google. I dislike Google Drive- it syncs horribly, and there's no comparison for Dropbox. … Continue reading #Reference Manager Showdown: a full review of #Papers 3, #Zotero, #F1000, and #Paperpile (+ ReadCube)

Less SoftBank, more venture builders

Today, venture builders are a growing trend around the world; I’ve seen it firsthand in Europe, particularly the startup hubs of Berlin and Amsterdam. There were over 100 VBs globally as of 2018, angel investor Jules Ehrhardt wrote last year in his State of the Digital Nation report on Medium, with over half based in … Continue reading Less SoftBank, more venture builders

Quick Notes 6

My first post on Big Data! The header has link to the Dropbox folder. The prepend highlight will dictate all the important takeaways. The references are listed at end of the document. My opinion is listed in the block quote. I will be refining this workflow in the future. I needed this as a proof … Continue reading Quick Notes 6

Quick Notes 5

Made some more cosmetic changes. Twitter timeline added. Some widgets added. Tags displayed on the sidebar. I remain a huge fan of tags (and semantic ontology). It deserves a blogpost (and a paper too). I will be updating it soon. The theme displays well in the dark mode as well. I might tinker with the … Continue reading Quick Notes 5