A series of articles on AI Ethics.

Starting today, I’d be covering three major articles on the ethics of artificial intelligence. I link them from HBR and raise very important issues. As usual, I’d highlight the key principles in discussion and weave in my ideas around them. Some of them are pay walled, and while the bias in inherent (because the industry […]

Apple Healthcare: The Next Processor Change is Within ARMs Reach

I had written about Apple’s healthos (which got a lot of traction on the net. While there are several write-ups trying to dissect the issue in inane detail, I am highlighting a pertinent issue from one of the Reddit posts. I rarely link there (as they can get taken down); however, this merits a wider […]

Not even wrong: ways to predict tech

The author has a provocative essay on the “science” of “prediction”. He makes very sweeping generalisations about mobile phones, for example. The mobile phone was a standard entity and I have long held belief that it was BlackBerry that invented the form factor (and the complete underlying technology). Apple “reinvented” it with worse monopolistic controls. […]

The role of data in pandemics

Financial Times is a “venerable” financial daily. I often link to their opinion pieces and editorials. I don’t really consider this financial rag worthy of emulation, but sometimes, they outdo themselves in matters of stupidity. Their reporting is often out of place and misrepresented, but somehow, they hold sway in the corridors of influence. Nevertheless, […]