The role of data in pandemics

Financial Times is a “venerable” financial daily. I often link to their opinion pieces and editorials. I don’t really consider this financial rag worthy of emulation, but sometimes, they outdo themselves in matters of stupidity. Their reporting is often out of place and misrepresented, but somehow, they hold sway in the corridors of influence. Nevertheless, […]

How Hospitals Are Using AI to Battle Covid-19

The authors mention a general overview of their initiatives using “AI” but it appears like a far-fetched idea. They pat themselves on the back and claim manna from heaven but there is no objective proof of returns on investment. For argument’s sake, I deployed a bot to answer the general queries of individuals on coronavirus […]

Telemedicine: Putting it in the right perspective

I got tagged in a fascinating discussion on Twitter on Telemedicine. Several open-ended issues merit a closure via a long-form blog format (of course, Twitter has its own limitations). Ensuring universal access and the issue of “dumb pipes”. Laying fibre is an expensive proposition. Long time back, I used to run a blog on Telecom, […]