Moderna’s favourable coronavirus vaccine trial results are an example of ‘publication by press release’

Someone had shared this link with me on Telegram. I have kept a distance away from writing about the viral pandemic, so far, but this news raised several disturbing issues. I have rallied against the existing model of academic publishing and glorified statistics/ tweetorials that have increasingly gained “acceptance” as the new normal. Not surprisingly, […]

Unhealthy fixation for chemotherapy/immunotherapy: Miracle Cancer Drugs Are Making Big Pharma Billions.

First, consider this:   Only about 1 in 20 cancer patients participates in trials of experimental therapies. Doctors and drugmakers should be prudent about continuing to test products in desperate, hard-to-find patients when they haven’t shown significant benefits in multiple earlier studies, said Jonathan Kimmelman, a biomedical ethicist at McGill University in Montreal. “You have […]