AI hype: Hardware revolution pushes AI into the mainstream

This is hopelessly naive but a very interesting article. Is AI really “ready” for the mainstream? The debate is hopelessly outdated, by the time this post is up. We have only a notional idea of how it is going to impact our daily lives based on what futurists peddle. I think, the impact is going […]

#AI #ML in healthcare: Will the twain ever meet?

Incorporating the Artificial Intelligence in healthcare has several issues. I stumbled on an excellent post in HBR that lists the key deficiency of AI- it is a black box. For all its deficiencies, AI and machine learning will never explain a process of “inclusion and exclusion” or why it came to a decision the way […]

Using the power of notes: PowerNotes

Initially, I had attempted to do a cursory review of the notes taking application meant for the browser (PowerNotes), but I decided to delve deeper. First the problem statement: Is the screen reading making us stupid? Why would you prefer to read the blogpost on the screen? It stems from my fundamental shift to reading […]