Big Data in Radiation Oncology

Introduction Highlight [306]: “big data” often refers to extensive records on a large number of patients, consisting of either structured or unstructured clinical information that can include patient characteristics, diagnostic and treatment history, genomic and molecular data, and sometimes billing history. Highlight [306]: Since big datasets usually contain real-world information, their use could bridge gaps … Continue reading Big Data in Radiation Oncology

Dropbox Folder for Papers

I have set up a Dropbox folder to share the papers. The folders (and their contents) will be schematically organised according to the themes of the papers being discussed. I would be using HighlightsApp on Mac to annotate papers. The primary concern was that the annotations should be visible in other applications. I had earlier … Continue reading Dropbox Folder for Papers

Using the power of notes: PowerNotes

PowerNotes Is indeed a great way to organise your notes. Initially, I had attempted to do a cursory review of the notes taking application meant for the browser (PowerNotes), but I decided to delve deeper. First the problem statement: Is the screen reading making us stupid? Why would you prefer to read the blogpost on … Continue reading Using the power of notes: PowerNotes