Social Media: More people are protesting against it

For the perspective: The high price we pay for social media | Tim Harford That echoes research by Facebook, which owns Instagram. An internal presentation, leaked last year by Frances Haugen, said: “Thirty-two per cent of teen girls said that when they felt bad about their bodies, Instagram made them feel worse.” In the UK … Continue reading Social Media: More people are protesting against it

AI Chicanery: Are jobs under threat?

The software industry has increased by leaps and bounds. Here's something from the "research" published on a VC blog: Productivity Gains Could Propel The AI Software Market To $14 Trillion By 2030 - ARK Invest According to our research, during the next eight years AI software could boost the productivity of the average knowledge worker … Continue reading AI Chicanery: Are jobs under threat?

Microsoft Azure: When free isn’t free

This is from a blog post: So free isn't really free. It's misrepresentation and bad advertisement! My Poor Experience With Azure (or why I'm sticking with AWS) The only thing common between my Firefox and Chrome is they both use an ad blocker. And if Azure expects me to turn off my ad blocker to … Continue reading Microsoft Azure: When free isn’t free

RSS: Back from the dead

I am thrilled to see its adoption growing among the "influencers" - notably developers and the DevOps team. They can dictate the commercial terms, including for the main websites. RSS is on fire again, and it's all down to SlackOps · Cross Dominant Because RSS evolved from news sites and podcasting, with Dave Winer being … Continue reading RSS: Back from the dead

On Amazon’s cancer vaccine

If you dissect the contemporary mainstream media coverage of Amazon (or any big-tech), you'd realise it's mostly paid promotion (and limit the extent of reporting on "anti-trust" action). Amazon usually stands out for its predatory pricing - by outbidding or sustaining losses in a vertical and then driving out the competitors. Let's look at the … Continue reading On Amazon’s cancer vaccine