Inbox Zero: Automated Workflow For Your Email

I rarely comment on the foibles of Apple, but it was apparent when Basecamp ranted about its recent email service. Instead of calling it out as “redefining” and “reimagine” email, they had a showdown with Apple and then magically, the app launched. There was a brief burst of activity and they could cut through the […]

Newsletters: Are they really worth it?

I am sitting on the fence here- the blog uses the built in WordPress service to distribute content, but I don’t peddle newsletters actively. I have written about it earlier, too. The rate of engagement for newsletters is very poor; your email usually lands up sorted algorithmically. There are several businesses that are riding on […]

The future of medicine?

It is always tempting to predict the “future of medicine”. Take the current “flavour of the month”- artificial intelligence, IoT, 3-D Printing etc. Mix and match terminology and push it out in the open to a network of “influencers”. Voila! The “trigger” for this write up was an excellent series by Dr Bryan on 33 […]

Academia: The Goodhart’s Law kicking in?

Isn’t this true about academia- the Goodhart’s law? Number of publications linked to “promotions” and a “tenure”? Evergreening of publciations? Gatekeeping? Academic “societies”? That is how Goodhart’s Law works. It’s not that measuring things or setting goals are bad, but in an environment where promotions and pay are attached to those measures and goals, you […]

Virtual trials: Need of the hour?

Here’s another fascinating blog post from the BMJ blogs. Can the trials be extended to remote monitoring? Here’s something that the authors have proposed: Systematic reviews identifying barriers to clinical trials highlight that one factor in poor recruitment and retention rates are the burdens placed on participants through additional on-site appointments or procedures. [7,8] In-person […]