Breaking up Facebook: Way out?

It has been the subject of presidential debates and several books have been written on the subject from every perspective. I am not going into its details because it would require a thorough analysis of several interconnected threads. However, we must understand what is the utility of having a social network in the first place […]

Indian Cancer Atlas: Urgent unmet need for integrated approach in medicine

Disclaimer: My mentor wrote this post in ET Prime. I will only touch on the key specific issues which I felt that needed to be addressed in further detail. The article is behind the paywall. I can gift it if you need the access to read it completely. Please email me your requests on contact […]

Autonomous Robots Are Coming to the Operating Room

It is an interesting conceptual idea. Do we need autonomous robots in the first palce? Do they represent the “march of science” or just a far-fetched idea from bored executives sloshing in too much of VC money and making some “wild bets”? Does it really represent innovation? There are debatable ideas, and I cannot understand […]