Wrong opinion: Flexibility on cancer drugs approval will foster innovation

I don’t remember how I stumbled on an old article but it was enough to set me thinking about the “new drug approvals” process. I haven’t changed the premise of the title ut prepended it with “the wrong opinion”. The author exhorts to “shorten the approval process” and indirectly blaming the regulator for “delaying” the […]

Covid-19 pandemic accelerates digital health reforms

  The promise of AI! Its indeed romantic attribution to the “artificial intelligence” that skims through the “doctors notes” and processes the information to suggest the patients best suitable for the trials. The devil lies in the details. Even if you OCR the notes, it is still a challenge to ensure accuracy for the analogue […]

Technology show-stoppers

Wikipedia defines it as “Showstopper (originally a performance or segment of a theatrical production that induces a positive audience reaction strong enough to pause the production)”. This was my initial reaction when I read the Financial Times puff piece on big tech making “advances” for the medical field. Here’s a blurb: Apple has used data […]

South Africa’s digital health travails provide useful lessons.

The article ticks the checkboxes in implementing a “healthcare stack” from the ground up. In my opinion, it is crucial to understand the lacunae and the shortcuts end-users employ to get around to capture essential data. Technology illiteracy is widespread, and only because most are not comfortable with the medium. It would take several iterations […]

Who’s reading what’s being written?

This was an interesting tweet: The linked article was direct about the “crap” online. Professors usually spend about 3-6 months (sometimes longer) researching and writing a 25-page article to submit an article to an academic journal. And most experience a twinge of excitement when, months later, they open a letter informing them that their article […]