Facebook and the Silent Bob Effect

Another brilliant blog post on the algorithms that shape our online conversations and interactions “mysteriously”. You are likely to get a “boost” in the shares if you conform to a certain ideology or the company decides to “verify” your posts based on the time spent on interactions. I call them the “whales” of the network- […]

The comment section of the Internet: What is the “true index” of influence?

I have been thinking about the vast silent majority of users/ readers who prefer to consume content. Contemporary events are like icecream “flavors” of the month- they are fashionable as long as the algorithms deem them to be important. While we have an algorithmic driven social media that influences the public debates to suit specific […]

Doctors are now social-media influencers. They aren’t all ready for it.

This is an excellent review of how doctors are taking their first steps- though, I believe that it would require a careful iteration of online social behaviour. I wouldn’t be surprised if some med school were to actually introduce a “course” or a “semester” for social media (and then we’d know that we are not […]