Open Source: A developer’s perspective on consumer technology

Jamie writes on his blog: The cracks started to appear in 2016 though. The ecosystem of professional apps weren’t really developing for iPad, and I found it limiting for anything other than web browsing or reading emails. It was still wonderful as a “thin client”, but that’s more an endorsement for the Linux servers as […]

The end of social media?

Miika von Bell writes on his blog: What I hate the most about internet these days is the fact that there is advertisement everywhere in some form or another. Google results are full of advertisement, YouTube is full of advertisement, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and even almost all of the websites online are full of advertisement….To […]

Google health reorganisation

A Business Insider Report: “Google deeply believes in the power of technology to improve health and wellness and we have increased our health investments across the company,” a Google spokesperson told Insider in a statement. “This has included developing projects within Google Health, launching and expanding health-related features on Search, Maps and YouTube that reach […]

Delightful long read with Marc Andreessen

Richard Hanania writing on his Substack: We kind of keep the train running in terms of these technologies, but I would also argue we keep the economy dynamic. Without venture capital, you would have all of that activity consolidated over time to a very small number of big monopolies or oligopolistic companies. There was a […]

Google’s future search engine

Richard Waters in Financial Times: According to the search giant, the new technology — a large-scale AI model known as MUM — could one day turn internet search into a far more sophisticated service, acting like a virtual research assistant as it sifts the web for solutions to complex questions. MUM — short for multitask […]