Substack- Gaining momentum

New Yorker writes: The durability and sustainability of the digital-newsletter model remain to be seen. Carving out new ways for writers to make money from their work is surely a good thing: the United States lost sixteen thousand newsroom jobs this year, and many mainstream publications have struggled to overcome issues like discrimination, clubbiness, and […]

Productivity Hacks on Telegram and a demo group

Consider this: This is a screenshot from the voice chat in Telegram- The admins have complete rights and control over who is allowed to speak. I haven’t used Clubhouse (a fancier version on the iOS) and I don’t intend to use it either (app fatigue). While Twitter can be your primary source to share ideas […]

Patients falling victim to ransomware

Financial Times writes: Apart from blackmailing patients to keep data private as in the Finnish case, hackers can also use data for identity theft…While businesses and organisations are affected by cyber attacks, it is ultimately patients who suffer. The WannaCry attack resulted in services being taken offline, forcing the delay or cancellation of healthcare procedures. Alterations can […]

5G: Open standards

It is worthwhile to keep an eye open for the emerging 5G technology- I intend to pursue this in the future. My motivation is that a faster delivery of the “internet” and data flows will fundamentally alter the healthcare delivery. I wouldn’t comment on “standards” and the geopolitical events shaping up the final deployment. There’s […]

HIPAA compliance checklists

Douglas Crawford writes: The HSS Office of Inspector General (OIG) offers a Compliance Resource Portal that establishes the “seven fundamental elements of an effective compliance program.” These elements are: Standards, Policies, and Procedures Compliance Program Administration  Screening and Evaluation of Employees, Physicians, Vendors, and other Agents Communication, Education, and Training on Compliance Issues  Monitoring, Auditing, and Internal […]