The hardware conundrum

I recently bought a brand new laptop because my existing Mac was “dying”. The battery barely lasted two hours, and I needed a reliable computing device. Besides, they had announced a shift to the new ARM processor and gradual subscription changes for the software being installed in the device. I had to make a switch […]

How is Twitter disrupting academia?

I think the more appropriate question is: Is Twitter really disrupting academia? 1. Twitter exists as a kind of parallel truth/falsehood mechanism, and it is encroaching on traditional academic processes, for better or worse. 2. Hypotheses blaming people or institutions for failures and misdeeds will be more popular on Twitter than in academia, but over […]

EMR: Drugmakers Turn to Data Mining to Avoid Expensive, Lengthy Drug Trials

At some point, it would make sense to “mine” the data from the EMR. Again, I am not contesting the claim to “short” the clinical trial process or commenting on its ethics. Lay press is clearly inadequate to layout nuances or highlights the decision making tree without the risk of oversimplification. EMR’s, however, require a […]

#Technology: Look to the fringes for the innovation that will shake up Big Tech

I agree with the author here: “Decentralisation” has been the rallying cry for opponents of today’s corporate tech power. It has, for instance, helped to drive the rise of cryptocurrencies, which at their heart are based on protocols that prevent any form of central authority. Meanwhile, Tim Berners-Lee, the British scientist who invented the world […]