New deals in datacentres

I usually don't comment on the acquisitions or investments happening in this niche space, but this one was difficult to ignore. Dallas-Based DataBank Sells 35% Stake for $1.5 Billion » Dallas Innovates DataBank says it has “more data centers in more metros than any other provider in the U.S.—public or private” and the ability to put … Continue reading New deals in datacentres

How to be a writer?

Simple. Start writing. Writing is inarguably one of the toughest things to do. Maybe you are waiting for the right "premonition" or the nudge to move forward. Many people are bewitched about the "intellectual circuit" where the authors are "promoting" their books and signing deals. Those business models have become incredibly expensive in the era … Continue reading How to be a writer?

The ongoing NHS fiascos

I am deeply concerned about the NHS-partly because a few of my colleagues work there, and partly because it is "crumbling" due to a mix of political apathy, bureaucratic slumber and apathy. Ultimately, it is the people who will suffer from lack of access. A few links (from Financial Times). Cracks in the NHS go … Continue reading The ongoing NHS fiascos

Which app to use?

This is unrelated to healthcare, but lessons drawn from here are equally valid. Which app to use for interfacing with patients? If and when patients share reports, who mandates the "security" and "privacy" of the communication? All data is stored on the companies' servers, providing communication applications like WhatsApp/Telegram or Facebook Messenger. Apps like Threema/Signal … Continue reading Which app to use?

Geopolitics around AI

US restricts advanced GPU's to China. Here's a sampler from Financial Times: China condemns move threatening access to advanced Nvidia chips | Financial Times China has condemned a US move that threatens its access to high-end processors from American companies that are central to the most demanding artificial intelligence work, after Washington stepped up its … Continue reading Geopolitics around AI