Open Source is not a business model

Vicky Brasseur writes: There is a great number of potential business models, but “open source” is not one of them. It is, instead, one of the many tools that can be employed in order to make a selected business model work as expected. The most common form of employment here for open source is in open core, […]

The rise of Intel- Possible?

Leo Kellion writing for BBC: “Having 80% of all supply in Asia simply isn’t a palatable manner for the world to have its view of the most critical technology,” Mr Gelsinger said. “Every smartphone, every telemedicine, every remote worker, every remote education, every autonomous vehicle, every aspect of humanity is becoming more digital.“And when it […]

Software bill of materials

Dr Sybe Rispens writes: Second, the proof of concept in the medical sector showed that there is nothing domain-specific in SBOMs. What goes for software in the field of medical technology applies to any software chain in any field, be it finance, energy, or manufacturing. Maturity models, methods for assessing the quality of an organization’s […]

The fight against sham science and paper factories

Holly Else and Richard Noorden write for Nature: At some journals that have had a spate of apparent paper-mill submissions, editors have now revamped their review processes, aiming not to be fooled again. Combating industrialized cheating requires stricter review: telling editors to ask for raw data, for instance, and hiring people specifically to check images. […]