Typing is thinking

Aaron Gallant: There is a fairly solid economics-style argument for this – in the past, writing “supply” (opportunities, resources, time, literacy, mediums, venues) was scarce, and so when it did occur it was given higher value (more time and consideration). Now, most of us have ample opportunity (and even obligation) to write – and so […]

Reproducing errors and replication of science crisis

Buttondown Blog: The usual problem people raise with research is the cost: if you don’t have an institutional subscription to a journal, reading a single paper can cost 40 bucks. If you’re skimming dozens of papers, you’re suddenly paying in the thousands just to learn “is planning good”. Fortunately you can get around the paywalls […]

Who fabricates research data? 8% of Dutch scientists

Dalmeet Singh for Nature: Gowri Gopalakrishna, an epidemiologist at the Free University of Amsterdam and a co-author of the Dutch study, thinks that the percentage of researchers who confessed to falsifying or fabricating data could be an underestimate. Gopalakrishna says that the survey’s questions were more direct than those in earlier surveys on the issue. […]