Test Post using footnotes

I am experimenting with footnotes. This is a way to add references to the blog posts. This is one example where the link from the URL is captured automatically from the address field: Comparison of glioblastoma (GBM) molecular classification methods - PubMed Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most aggressive and common form of brain cancer in … Continue reading Test Post using footnotes

More motivation to blog!

This post was written almost a month before it goes online, but this long-from discusses several "easy-to-follow" tips and hopefully motivates you to blog. I steadfastly remain committed to this format, because it allows me to write by keeping the central idea in place (and adding my perspective) to the mentioned context. Needless to say, … Continue reading More motivation to blog!

Degrees of boredom impacted by social media?

This is a press release for a published "research". I wasn't aware that boredom had different planes. Superficial and Profound! Anyway, the link is here: Social media may prevent users from reaping creative rewards of profound boredom - new research Superficial boredom – the most common state of boredom - can be defined as a … Continue reading Degrees of boredom impacted by social media?

ChatGpt: Stochiastic parrots

I won't go into depth for the issues discussed herein, but suffice to say that ChatGPT works based on the "co-occurrence" of words. What remains to be seen is that parsing the input to "make sense" to ML (or whatever they call it) requires careful deliberation. Therefore, ChatGPT will remain in beta for the time … Continue reading ChatGpt: Stochiastic parrots

When bureaucracy engulfs academia

Yes, there are processes to follow before the grants flow. The results should "speak" for themselves. I have belatedly accepted the "reality" that while academia is hotly contested, the inherent motivations to "welcome international best talent" are sorely tested by limitations of institutional agendas, political climate, and biases of the principal investigators themselves. Here's a … Continue reading When bureaucracy engulfs academia