Is It Getting Harder for Research to Boost Productivity?

I stumbled on this fascinating write-up and I’ll try to revisit this idea later. However, the vexed issue of “cancer research” rears its head again- we would need an incremental and exponential increase of dollars in “funding” before we are able to strike out something substantial. However, the research is being pushed out in the […]

AI and Healthcare: Why it is essential to study its past?

It is a brilliant write up! Briefly, there are two fundamental approaches to AI. Connectionism- Look at historical data. Draw inferences from “patterns.” Symbolism- First look at this research proposal from 1958 to understand its context. It seeks to map concepts between words and numbers. For example, neural networks. In isolation, none of the approaches […]

AI healthcare: Can it take our jobs?

There’s no easy answer to it. Though, to cut a long story short, artificial intelligence (AI) is going to “reshape” the jobs. There’s an interesting economics paper here that provided the motivation for this write up. It is a long, worthy read and is possibly considered as a classic. However, the immediate provocation was the […]