On hiring

Are you lucky to get these kind of emails to apply for a research position you recently advertised? John Carmack on Twitter: People like the idea of hard and fast rules, but putting +/-infinity as a factor in a policy decision is almost never the best plan. Hiring is an obvious example, with "requirements" that … Continue reading On hiring

The stasis of “healthcare innovation”: Get new ideas!

light bulb

https://twitter.com/chrissyfarr/status/1438914101330124806?s=20 Something to spark off ideas AI in healthcare is a classic case of putting the cart before the horse. Yes, this one: Transformation can begin only if there is a felt need. If there's none, you can roll off hype straight from the consultants marketing pitch (or sales deck). What is that isn't working? … Continue reading The stasis of “healthcare innovation”: Get new ideas!

Bring back the blogs!

The blogs were all about "serendipity". I have been blogging for years now, and I have no been able to formalise and crystallise my thoughts. As I have mentioned here many times, reading and writing change you fundamentally. It is the "low order" of writing that sparks various interconnections and ideas, and it is exhilarating. … Continue reading Bring back the blogs!

With rifle and bibliography: General Mattis on professional reading

This is a brilliant exhortation from a general who emphasises on reading (and learning from the experiences). One thing I genuinely miss from my residency is the exposure to broader set of reading texts; the history of progress, for example. The general text is so dry that it would be difficult to marvel at the … Continue reading With rifle and bibliography: General Mattis on professional reading

Twitter as an echo chamber

This is an interesting paper that was posted in Arxiv and I did a quick summary of this to highlight the fact that Twitter is NOT a learning source. There are better ways to go about it. It is a myth that it leads to better learning experience, but individual timelines are variable and difficult … Continue reading Twitter as an echo chamber