Does Radiation Oncology follow the “O-Ring” model?

The O-Ring model is an interesting conceptual idea: (from the paper attached herein) Many production processes consist of a series of tasks, mistakes in any of which can dramatically reduce the product's value. The space shuttle Challenger had thousands of components: it exploded because it was launched at a temperature that caused one of those … Continue reading Does Radiation Oncology follow the “O-Ring” model?

Genomic landscape for tumours: Is there any evidence?

Photo by Jose Antonio Gallego Vu00e1zquez on There are numerous studies and I have highlighted the most pertinent aspects of the molecular landscape to bring you to speed. In one word-potential. Molecular amalgamation of the studies in clinic is time consuming, expensive and not standardised. Most important aspect of this paper? 10 gene signature … Continue reading Genomic landscape for tumours: Is there any evidence?

Quick Notes 6

My first post on Big Data! The header has link to the Dropbox folder. The prepend highlight will dictate all the important takeaways. The references are listed at end of the document. My opinion is listed in the block quote. I will be refining this workflow in the future. I needed this as a proof … Continue reading Quick Notes 6

Big Data in Radiation Oncology

Introduction Highlight [306]: “big data” often refers to extensive records on a large number of patients, consisting of either structured or unstructured clinical information that can include patient characteristics, diagnostic and treatment history, genomic and molecular data, and sometimes billing history. Highlight [306]: Since big datasets usually contain real-world information, their use could bridge gaps … Continue reading Big Data in Radiation Oncology