Good science, Bad Science: Why don’t we get a “cure” for cancer?

This post was “inspired” by an editorial from Scientific American (and I am riding its coattails) because I needed someone to call out the broken process. The essay does make some generalisations, however. Yet, it is still relevant because we, as scientists (and clinicians) owe it to our patients who look up to us. We […]

Less SoftBank, more venture builders

Today, venture builders are a growing trend around the world; I’ve seen it firsthand in Europe, particularly the startup hubs of Berlin and Amsterdam. There were over 100 VBs globally as of 2018, angel investor Jules Ehrhardt wrote last year in his State of the Digital Nation report on Medium, with over half based in […]

Digital Narratives: How newsrooms and healthcare are making a pivot towards digital solutions.

I stumbled on a fascinating long read about how New York Times revived itself- from the edge of brinksmanship to something of a powerhouse. It wasn’t a natural transformation, and in hindsight, they seemed to have achieved a lot.  I will not discuss how they did it. I only mean to draw parallels from the […]