AI makes inroads in higher education

Derek Newton writes:

Now, simple AI-driven tools like these chatbots, plagiarism-detecting software and apps to check spelling and grammar are being joined by new, more powerful — and controversial — applications that answer academic questions, grade assignments, recommend classes and even teach.

The newest can evaluate and score applicants’ personality traits and perceived motivation, and colleges increasing are using these tools to make admissions and financial aid decisions.

Higher education is increasingly under fire- because it is usually “out-of-tune” for the job requirements. These are issues in the developed countries where the college tuition debt is astronomical. There have been perfunctory noises made by the administrators and the policy makers and is not the topic of discussion here. If you notice, this seems like the utopian dream for the college administrators to “reduce the risk” of wiful defaults and potentially assess the candidates if they are likely to complete the course and not leave mid-way.

The usual criticism applies to this methodology – biased historical trends that will outweigh the present assessments, and therefore are no longer valid. These are ongoing areas of concern and require a closer scrutiny.

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