How outsiders become game changers

Gino Cattani and Simone Ferriani write for HBR: Take the case of Katalin Karikó, who defied all odds to pioneer the mRNA technology that ultimately gave the world Covid-19 vaccines in record time. Daughter of a butcher and raised in a small adobe house in the former Eastern bloc with no running water or refrigerator, … Continue reading How outsiders become game changers

Apple Wearables: Does it have a lead on others?

Above Avalon blog: Apple has at least a four-to-five year lead over the competition when thinking about just the technology powering its wearables. Everything from custom silicon and health monitoring sensors to audio and AR-focused technologies come together to set Apple apart from the competition. Only a select number of companies will likely be able to … Continue reading Apple Wearables: Does it have a lead on others?