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What the Irish Ate Before Potatoes | Bon Appetit

Besides the focus on oats and dairy (and more dairy), the Irish diet wasn’t too different from how we think of it today. They did eat meat, of course, though the reliance on milk meant that beef was a rarity, and most people probably just fried up some bacon during good times, or ate fish they caught themselves. For veggies, the Irish relied on cabbages, onions, garlic, and parsnips, with some wild herbs and greens spicing up the plate, and on the fruit front, everyone loved wild berries, like blackberries and rowanberries, but only apples were actually grown on purpose. And, if you lived near the coast, edible seaweed like dulse and sloke made for tasty salads and side dishes.

Declassified documents reveal the truth about the FBI’s contribution to Ernest Hemingway’s demise | History 101

In November 1960 Hemingway was driving with two of his friends on their way to Ketchum, Idaho for a hunting trip. “Why are FBI agents pursuing you?” Hotchner asked. Hemingway’s answer would haunt Hotchner for the rest of his life.

“‘It’s the worst hell,” Hemingway started. “They’ve bugged everything. That’s why we’re using Duke’s car. Mine’s bugged. Everything’s bugged. Can’t use the phone. Mail intercepted.” Hotchner and McMullen were deeply scared for their friend, but even McMullen noticed what looked like a car tailing them. But it just seemed too far fetched for them to believe, and they told Hemingway he was just paranoid.

More Americans Are Considering Retirement Because of Covid – Bloomberg

The loss of older workers will hurt the labor market. Those workers have strong productivity, lower absenteeism and they can train and mentor newcomers, said Susan Weinstock, vice president of financial resilience programming at seniors advocacy group AARP in Washington, D.C.

The situation could become particularly acute in health care. Almost a third of physicians are over 60, the nonprofit Physicians Foundation said in a November paper, warning that burnout threatens to exacerbate an existing shortage, especially among scarce specialists.

How to safely think in systems. | Irrational Exuberance

Models are necessarily incomplete, and the process of making a model is simplifying reality into a useful reasoning tool. Once you’ve developed a model, you can only tell if it’s useful by getting right back into the mess of reality. If you priviledge a model’s narrow viewpoint over reality’s actual results, your reasoning tool will soon become a reasoning trap. Effective systems thinking comes from the tension between model and reality, without a healthy balance you’ll always lose the plot.

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