Reproducing errors and replication of science crisis

Buttondown Blog: The usual problem people raise with research is the cost: if you don’t have an institutional subscription to a journal, reading a single paper can cost 40 bucks. If you’re skimming dozens of papers, you’re suddenly paying in the thousands just to learn “is planning good”. Fortunately you can get around the paywalls … Continue reading Reproducing errors and replication of science crisis

Precis 21.10.2021

Photo by Maria Orlova on Hazel Scott: The Gorgeous Face of Jazz at the Mid-Century | Library of Congress Blog Born in Trinidad in 1920 and raised in Harlem by her mother, Alma Long Scott, a professional musician, she was a child prodigy with perfect pitch. The Julliard School of Music accepted her as … Continue reading Precis 21.10.2021