One nation, One Subscription for India

I have been looking at the academic publishing for a long time and keep on writing about it frequently. The true cost of access, of course, is lesser than advertised. Besides, most publishers are now pushing their proprietary tools for digital rights management for "renting" out articles. This a wild west and away from the … Continue reading One nation, One Subscription for India


Photo by Josh Sorenson on It is time to imagine a post-Facebook world | Financial Times Yet Facebook is like a baby trying to grasp a soapy basketball. The company has no chance of ever fully getting to grips with toxic content given its monetisation model and global scale. How can Facebook monitor the … Continue reading Precis

Introducing “Precis”

Photo by Anni Roenkae on For long, I have been attempting to gather more meaning from whatever I read. I am well aware of the extent of the "curator" economy, but most of us are hard pressed for time. Due to my ongoing clinical and academic commitments, it becomes difficult to blog "daily". However, … Continue reading Introducing “Precis”