Who fabricates research data? 8% of Dutch scientists

Dalmeet Singh for Nature: Gowri Gopalakrishna, an epidemiologist at the Free University of Amsterdam and a co-author of the Dutch study, thinks that the percentage of researchers who confessed to falsifying or fabricating data could be an underestimate. Gopalakrishna says that the survey’s questions were more direct than those in earlier surveys on the issue. … Continue reading Who fabricates research data? 8% of Dutch scientists

Precis- 20.10.2021

The Victorian gas lamps that sold cups of hot coffee The Pluto Lamps must have been modestly successful as the following year, the Morning Post of 8th Feb 1899 noting that a Pluto Lamp was to be installed on a plot of land in Rosebery Avenue which had been recently sold to the Clerkenwell Vestry.In … Continue reading Precis- 20.10.2021