How to start an email newsletter: tips on platforms, writing style, and design

I have been toying with the idea to start one for a long time. It was before I settled on the blog format. It took me a bit of experimentation, but then I realised that one post per day is a good alternative. The idea is to post excerpts from what interests me and how technology intersects with medicine. I come across exciting stuff every day, so it is worthwhile giving it a shot.

I think I might settle in for MailChimp. I had fond memories of their onboarding process in their earlier avatar when I was toe-dipping in technology. It was an intense and frenetic activity for many upstarts and a whole lot of ideas were opening up (most of them are dead anyway).

I stumbled on this link from Twitter; it is clever marketing and a smart play of words. However, I’d implore each one of you to write! It is worth it.

I agree about internalising the habit. Unless I am researching a topic, I read intending to write about it. I am also contemplating a Telegram channel (it can be easily automated) so that it increases the surface area for users to read on any medium. Social networking though isn’t the right place because of very poor engagement. Twitter “impressions” have no meaning.

It’s really hard to repeat any activity for 25 consecutive weeks. No, I don’t mean watching Game of Thrones re-runs or smoking a joint – I’m referring to an activity with just a pinch of struggle. Like going for a long run, reading Infinite Jest or sending an email to a bunch of friends. Each week acts like a tiny little deposit into the “bank account of you” – a gift to your future self. And once you cross the 25 week threshold, the activity becomes internalized. A habit, requiring minimal effort. And a gateway of untapped possibility.

You should start an email newsletter. This week. And if you make it past week 25, your life will be transformed. Yes, 25 is the magic number. We’re talking half a year. (That’s a long time.) But once you cross the threshold, the doors of serendipity will open: event invitations, access to some of your personal heroes, stealthy job postings, and offers to trade your time for money (via consulting, speaking or coaching). But you gotta make it past week 25.

via How to start an email newsletter: tips on platforms, writing style, and design

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