Proprietary models: Restricting monopoly?

The following is the example of Amazon but it isn't restricted to it. It makes Microsoft look like a saint instead. End users have a choice and NYT isn't known for objective journalism. It is bereft of standards it purports to hold. I am not overtly impressed by their claims that Amazon is "choking off … Continue reading Proprietary models: Restricting monopoly?

Harnessing the Power of Shower Thoughts

It is a long-form dedicated to "harnessing" your thoughts in the background. One of my biggest takeaways from the course was the balance between actively focusing and letting your mind wander, or the focused and diffuse modes of thinking. The focused mode is for filling your mind with information, and the diffuse mode is great … Continue reading Harnessing the Power of Shower Thoughts

Staying Focused on Projects

This is an interesting workflow. However, I personally don't juggle on the applications or fancy "wikis". At first, there is a learning curve associated with new software. No software is a "one-stop solution" that makes it challenging to stick to it. Further, you require to stay motivated to use the software wherein it is easy … Continue reading Staying Focused on Projects

Genomic landscape for tumours: Is there any evidence?

Photo by Jose Antonio Gallego Vu00e1zquez on There are numerous studies and I have highlighted the most pertinent aspects of the molecular landscape to bring you to speed. In one word-potential. Molecular amalgamation of the studies in clinic is time consuming, expensive and not standardised. Most important aspect of this paper? 10 gene signature … Continue reading Genomic landscape for tumours: Is there any evidence?