How will AI impact the “art industry”

This is a fascinating write up:

AI won’t make artists redundant – thanks to information theory – Piotr Migdał

There are two kinds of creative works. One is something design-as-a-commodity, things that can be created by many professionals. For example, “a stock photo of cheerful students playing chess” or “female detective investigating an abandoned house, digital art”. Clearly, each image has its quality and flavor depending on its creator. But it may matter less for the end goal.

I envision that while a lot of manual work will be automatized, and the job market for design will change, AI will remain a tool. While a handful of highly skilled professionals won’t be affected, for the rest the workflow will change substantially. The impact might be less alike “yet another Photoshop plugin” and more alike “digital image processing tools in general”. The invention of photography did disturb the market of painters (especially: for portraits) – but by no means ended painting.

Please read the write up in entirety.

My concern for “future” of imaging is in “medical imaging”. Can the AI prompts be used to create a fallacious model around chest X-rays or CT scans? With malicious intent, possibly. Therefore, it is critical to keep track of these developments happening elsewhere and how they potentially impact the healthcare industry.

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