AI arms race

The hype has reached China and its rapidly gaining the geopolitical connotations, in part because of the US embargo on the GPU’s. I am not sure how much that would impact, if would impact.

China plays catch-up to ChatGPT as hype builds around AI | Financial Times

China’s tech giants including Baidu, Alibaba and NetEase are racing to match the west’s recent developments in artificial intelligence, touting projects that they hope will achieve the same buzz created by the release of ChatGPT.

After months of announcing cost-cutting and lay-offs, big groups are now optimistically announcing investment plans to rival OpenAI’s chatbot, while trademark trolls are lining up to claim words related to ChatGPT’s achievements.

This has got the attention of the Chinese government, who hashed out the particulars:

The Beijing city government this month said it would support companies building their own models to match ChatGPT, while Shanghai’s top university Fudan brought together more than a dozen AI company executives and academics to analyse ChatGPT’s development, security risks and potential use cases.

However, analysts and experts say the fanfare and surge in stock prices around each new pronouncement do not reflect how difficult it will be for Chinese groups to replicate quickly the software being built by the likes of OpenAI and Google.

As again, there is no route towards monetisation; speculative trading isn’t worthwhile for groups announcing a “ChatGPT” rival. This mania will play out for more months, though.

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