Web 3.0? Why come up with the acronyms?

The Internet was designed to carry content. Then the reality hits that someone has to pay for the costs. Digital payments (or security) had not evolved in step with the progress of ad-tech. Now they are repurposing it in any manner the technology corporations deem fit. | [Opinion] Chat GPT is the birth of the … Continue reading Web 3.0? Why come up with the acronyms?

Twitter: Begins charging for API

And there's an uproar. Michael Tsai - Blog - Twitter to Charge for API At present, I would pay a reasonable fee to keep using Twitter with NetNewsWire and IFTTT. That may change if the people I follow continue to leave the platform. And I think this may be shortsighted in that a free API … Continue reading Twitter: Begins charging for API

Functional adaptive lung planning

Brilliant article! Must read! Luckily its open access. Here's the link: Mid-treatment adaptive planning during thoracic radiation using 68 Ventilation-Perfusion Positron emission tomography Original PDF here piis2405630823000241Download Notes: “A number of advanced imaging modalities including positron emission tomography (PET), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) that have developed in the … Continue reading Functional adaptive lung planning

The CHIP act

The long form article appears here. I am including the salient features from their policy idea. The CHIPS and Science Act appropriated over $52 billion to promote the domestic U.S. semiconductor industry. This includes incentives for new semiconductor fabrication facilities and funding for advanced packaging, research and development, workforce support, and wireless supply chain innovation. … Continue reading The CHIP act

Consistency is the key

Excellent observations and another reason to stick to writing on the blog: The case for consistency - Herbert Lui On its own, consistency isn’t a particularly magical virtue; your work won’t magically improve on its own just because you show up every day. Deliberate practice and improving taste are still crucial parts of the practice. … Continue reading Consistency is the key