Can advertisers be far behind?

This is why I call this diabolical. You have no idea what’s going on in the background or how the responses are being tailored.

Exclusive: Microsoft’s Bing plans AI ads in early pitch to advertisers | Reuters

The company said it is taking traditional search ads, in which brands pay to have their websites or products appear on search results for keywords related to their business, and inserting them into responses generated by the Bing chatbot, the ad executive said.

Microsoft declined to comment on the specifics of its plans.

Microsoft is also planning another ad format within the chatbot that will be geared toward advertisers in specific industries. For example, when a user asks the new AI-powered Bing “what are the best hotels in Mexico?”, hotel ads could pop up, according to the ad executive.

Integrating ads into the Bing chatbot, which can be expanded to fill the top of the search page, could help ensure that ads are not pushed further down the page below the chatbot.

If advertisements are being pushed inside the responses, what will stop pharma companies to look at it closely?

Ad blockers cannot block these advertisements, and therefore represent the “new web”.

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