ChatGPT in the newsroom

This was startling.

Daily Mirror publisher explores using ChatGPT to help write local news | Financial Times

Newsrooms around the world are considering how advancements in generative AI, including OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard chatbot, will affect the production of journalism.

BuzzFeed announced last month that it would work with OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, to help produce its viral quizzes, while online news site CNET attempted to use the program to write economic explainers before observers pointed out they contained multiple errors.

Some news organisations have experimented with AI for years. Thomson Reuters has used an in-house programme called Lynx Insight since 2018 to sift through information such as market data to find patterns for reporters.

I don’t particularly care for what Daily Mirror does, but as you can witness, there is a massive flurry of activity around this. We are going to have a huge “SEO’d” spam in the name of news. This is particularly important, as ChatGPT will likely be used as a “re-spinner”. Local news (in the form of words/voice/images) will be generated on the fly to create an “instant database”.

I am slowly coming across tremendous coverage around ChatGPT. It all appears to be a coordinated blanket coverage, with a rash of “start-ups” adding more flavour and spin. Let’s see what comes out in the future.

My bigger worry is the AI generated “literature reviews” or generate phoney evidence, because ChatGPT can actually sound plausible. With a “light touch editorial”, it can be easily pushed out for “publication”.

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