Covid-19- Resetting the medical practise

This is a fascinating insight from BMJ Blogs about the impact of covid on medical practise and how the NHS delivers the healthcare. With no offense to NHS, as the last remaining crown jewel with the British, they are rightfully cagey about any external criticism. However, the author writes:

In Wolverhampton NHS Trust, video outpatient consultation had been resisted beforehand, but as in general practice, has in recent months become the norm. The Wolverhampton population are now able to use online self diagnosis, remote interaction with clinicians, and direction to physical facilities when needed, a service change also previously resisted. These examples illustrate a key dynamic in change.

The anxiety about status quo has to exceed the anxiety about the change. [10] In normal times this can be achieved by demonstrating the change alongside robust data on outcomes to allay fears about the change. Covid raised anxiety about maintaining the status quo, and seeing patients face to face due to fear of passing on infection. 

Here’s another interesting facet.:

A WhatsApp group was created.
This group led by a GP, involved a geriatrician, mental health services, the local authority, community nursing and others. This rapidly expanded to 40 care homes and established a weekly team meeting, which was used to organize personal protective equipment (PPE), minimize admissions, and improve end of life care. 

I am not sure if this led to an improved efficiency, but I reiterate that WhatsApp is useless for privacy conscious individuals. Nevertheless, the tools don’t matter. It’s the end result.

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