Impact of social cooling on healthcare

While I have been aware of how the social media (and the data brokers) act in consort to analyse your behavior and hence they influence the advertising+ influence your outlook on the contemporary events. The extent of this documentation has been slow but gradual. There are now powerful ways that a browser can be fingerprinted- … Continue reading Impact of social cooling on healthcare

Impact of social cooling

Here's another vide on how the demographics and psychoanalytic are drawn from the social media streams that are continuously analysing your profile in the background and you being unaware of how the data brokers are sharing and slicing/dicing your profiles. This is essential to get the complete context of the issue.

Imapact of social media cooling

I will do a series of blog posts on the impact of social media cooling- which is a rather fancy way of saying that end users do a lot of self censorship. I wish to analyse its impact on the healthcare delivery (and service providers) because I do know that social media is a lost … Continue reading Imapact of social media cooling

Report cards for doctors

I have been looking at various articles on "social cooling"- a rather new term for "free speech chilling". It means that you end up "self correcting" yourself each time you are faced with a situation. Hence, I see a stream of sterile bland statements from the profiles which makes it difficult to understand why they … Continue reading Report cards for doctors

Can you rely on Apple for healthcare?

I am not sure. Apple's much vaunted T2 security chip has been jail broken The T2 security processor and the Touch Bar can run while the operating system is shutdown. Therefore, assuming that one family of chips is being used in one set of devices, they usually share the existing set of architecture for another … Continue reading Can you rely on Apple for healthcare?