Scientific stagnation- part II

Medical breakthroughs are becoming rarer unless you want to believe the next hype cycle in immunotherapy for cancer cure (and some eager testimonials). It works for some and for a vast majority, recurrences (and standard therapies) are far and few in-between. My senior peers (and colleagues) are inventing innovative ideas around survival without pushing for … Continue reading Scientific stagnation- part II

Stagnation in science

I stumbled on this paper from a linked blog post (and is worth going through). I have not annotated it but summarized the key points. New ideas no longer fuel economic growth the way they once did. A popular explanation for stagnation is that good ideas are harder to find, rendering slowdown inevitable. We present a simple … Continue reading Stagnation in science

AI Winter: Dumpster fire

Here's a delightful collection of harsh cold reality meeting with the AI hype. While I am not inclined to cover "self-driving" cars, here's some interesting blurb about the current darling of mainstream press- Elon Musk. I do covet a Tesla- only because it promises almost an equivalent cost of ownership with a better driveability (though … Continue reading AI Winter: Dumpster fire

What does it cost to work in corporations?

DeepMind lost $649 million and Alphabet waived a $1.5 billion debt: The London-headquartered AI lab — founded in 2010 by Demis Hassabis, Mustafa Suleyman and Shane Legg — had a loss of £477 million ($649 million) in 2019, worse than the £470 million loss in 2018, according to documents filed Thursday with the U.K.’s Companies … Continue reading What does it cost to work in corporations?

Why creating a community is difficult

I have been harboring the idea to have a community of users on Telegram- the fact that I have an extensive experience in the same. However, I also understand that it would be difficult to push onto an idea that no one knows in the medicine. Twitter has become quite common and "tweeting" has become … Continue reading Why creating a community is difficult