Closed AI (versus “Open”)

Consider this blog post:

OpenAI Vendor Lock-in: The Ironic Story of How OpenAI Went from Open Source to “Open Your Wallet” | LunaTrace

Originally, when he co-founded OpenAI, Musk envisioned it as a nonprofit organization that would share its
research and technology. Musk lost any hope of control over the company in 2018, however, in a power struggle driven
largely by OpenAI’s pivot to a for-profit model. OpenAI became increasingly entangled with
Microsoft and other corporate partners, trading transparency and openness for financial resources.

A little more context:

The inability to train additional data into ChatGPT limits developers and businesses from customizing the AI to their specific needs. There are a thousand companies out there that would love to train an LLM as powerful as ChatGPT on their own data sets, us included. The fine-tuning API that OpenAI does offer isn’t well suited to additional pre-training. This means that what the model “knows” about is up to OpenAI.

The large language models (LLM’s) now represent an arms race. There are likely to be counter narratives to existing “commercial solutions”. The full list is here on the open source alternatives to ChatGPT. Interesting times.

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