ChatGPT4 based EMR “assistant”


Microsoft, Nuance announce clinical notes application powered by GPT4

Microsoft and its Nuance Communications subsidiary announced Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX) Express, a clinical notes application for healthcare workers that is powered by artificial intelligence.DAX Express aims to help reduce clinicians’ administrative burdens by automatically generating a draft of clinical notes after a patient visit.The technology is powered by a combination of ambient A.I,. which forms insights from unstructured data like conversations, and OpenAI’s newest model, GPT-4.

This is interesting:

DAX Express also builds on the original DAX application that Nuance launched in 2020. DAX converts verbal patient visits into clinical notes, and it sends them through a human review process to ensure they are accurate and high-quality. The notes appear in the medical record within four hours after the appointment.

DAX Express, in contrast, generates clinical notes within seconds so that physicians can review automated summaries of their patient visits immediately.

Generative AI will create patient summaries immediately after transcription from spoken language. I have created a simple Telegram bot (which I repurposed from an open source code) to send voice notes to GPT and get a voice note in answer; using simple Google Text to Speech synthesis. If this is happening at scale (and improving the “administrative burden”), I’d witness a transformational change in EMR access. Let’s see what comes of it.

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