Academic Publishing: Scientific Journals Need to Open Up-Part 8

In this final concluding part, the author bats for open access (the link is behind a paywall!!)

In an article published in Science in May, Aspesi and MIT Press Director Amy Brand warned that Elsevier and other big publishers are positioning themselves to play ever bigger roles in measuring researchers’ productivity and universities’ quality, and possibly even to act as one-stop portals for the global exchange of information within scientific disciplines.

“The dominance of a limited number of social networks, shopping services, and search engines shows us how internet platforms based on data and analytics can tend toward monopoly,” they wrote.

Such concentration isn’t inevitable in scientific communication, they concluded, but preventing it will require “the academic community to act in coordination.”

Viewpoint: Covid-19 Shows That Scientific Journals Need to Open Up

I think, the way forward would be a Netflix style subscription business. Consume as much as content you can. I wonder why hasn’t someone explored this (especially the recommendation engine). Publishing houses have become increasingly concentrated and monopolised and a company to provide an overlay to the vexed issue will definitely make a killing here.

I don’t foresee it happening because any DRM system can be circumvented. There might be some “Apple-News” model- algorithms mixed with “human curation” but that idea seems far fetched (not impossible though).

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