WordPress versus Ghost

I was trying to migrate out of WordPress (everyone knows how bad and buggy is their Gutenberg) and out of whim checked out the new Ghost which got a lot of attention for their writing process.

However, there are many missing functionalities (apart from being super expensive for the hosting process). They calculate the number of views and average out the views to move you to a higher plan. Its much vaunted integration requires several loops; I’d put them in the same league as substack.

The deficiencies in Ghost, so far are:

  1. No Dropbox integration. 
  2. No way to speed up writing blog posts; links would need to be added manually.
  3. No automatic tags suggestion. 
  4. I need to embed PDF’s natively; it is a pain to integrate Google Docs and then host them up. I have Dropbox and would stick to that. 
  5. Super expensive “Ghost Pro”. I don’t mind the price but the product is stunted.

I am not going to sign up with Zapier to extend the functionality (it requires yet another account and paid subscription). 

The premise is good; great designs and responsive website. However, the downsides are plentiful to help me the complete switch; unless they address those issues.

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