Grammarly: Reassessing grammar tools

Grammarly claims to be “AI-powered” grammar tool that is also one of the most expensive on the block. It is difficult to judge the efficacy of these tools because each one of them utilizes different grammar rules that bring out the best writer in you. Like they say about Brachytherapy- no amount of optimization can compensate for a bad application; likewise, no tool can substitute for your bad writing either.

The problem with Grammarly is that they muddied the waters by pushing out aggressive affiliate marketing. I remember the first time when I had just joined Twitter. A few users were prominent in the timeline, and while discussing it, they also pushed their affiliate links. I had signed up for the service, and while it works, the problems related to third-party cookies and other privacy snafus became apparent eventually. Repeated complaints to their customer service or tagging their CEO on Twitter didn’t help either; so it appears like a scummy operation.

Luckily, other tools do an equivalent (and better) job. Since they are in stealth and I am under a moral non-disclosure), I won’t be mentioning them here. They were kind to offer me an alpha release and are rapidly scaling up.

I will revisit this later and represents an ongoing thought process. It is time for the pushback for these companies to sell on their merit (and not by using dark patterns).

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